MORTIFICATION - Twenty Years in the Underground. Double CD

Mortification - Twenty Years in the Underground. Double CD format released in 2010 that compiles: Disc 1: Re-recorded classics 2009 + Live first concert (June 15,1990 + Lincoln and Keith's first concert (August 19th,1995) + Live at busking on the street of Christchurch City Square, New Zealand (May 3rd,1996) + Live at Revolution Metal Fest, Mexico City (November 20th,2004) + Live at Nordic Fest, Norway (November 9th,2007).
Disc 2: Acoustic sessions taken from the Power, Pain & Passion compilation + Live Planetarium - Live at Black Stump Festival (October 1st,1993) + acoustic live at the Seaside Festival, Norway and on Dutch Radio (June 2001). Limited Edition comes with 28 pages booklet. Sealed Item. Essential for Collectors!!