Maldit6 Sign6 Malign6 - V/A Compilation. Tape

Maldit6 Sign6 Malign6 - Compilation V/A. Tape format released in 2009 that includes Black/Death/Thrash Metal bands such as: Catacumba, Morbid Pest, Godslaying Hellblast, Surrender of Divinity, Wargoatcult, Noctum, Nakkiga, Noche Eterna, Infernal, Sign of the Evil, Insepulchral, Pathogen, Xerbeth, Masturbacion Cristiana, Inferius Torment, Evil Wrath, Nocturnal Hell, Ratten, Naetu with 1 track from each band, more than 80 minutes of Raw Dirty and Underground Metal. Limited to 333 hand numbered copies comes with 5 panels J-Card. Sealed Item. Highly Recommended!!