Maldit6 Sign6 Malign6 - Compilation Tape

Maldit6 Sign6 Malign6 - This is a compilation Tape featuring Black/Death/ Thrash Metal  bands such as: Catacumba, Morbid Pest, Godslaying Hellblast, Surrender of Divinity, Wargoatcult, Noctum, Nakkiga, Noche Eterna, Infernal, Sign of the Evil, Insepulchral, Pathogen, Xerbeth, Masturbacion Cristiana, Inferius Torment, Evil Wrath, Nocturnal Hell, Ratten, Naetu. 1 Track from each band. More than 80 Minutes of Pure Dirty and Underground Metal!! Released in 2009. Limited to 333 Hand Numbered Copies. Highly Recommended!!